The School

Jack Academy opened its doors on February 11, 2014, on the 5th anniversary of Jack’s passing. We are currently educating roughly 200 students between pre-K through 2nd grade during the day and 3rd to 6th graders during after school hours reading tutoring.

Our focus is on Reading and English, and class sizes are small, with no more than 24 children to a class. All of our fantastic teachers are supported by a teacher’s aide as well as a reading specialist who works one-on-one with the children.

The Building

Construction for Jack Academy began in May of 2013 on land donated to us by the village. As one might imagine, the methods of construction in such a remote area are rudimentary at best.

Fortunately, Greg Hill, a friend and world-class developer, was able to offer his time and help to the Academy. First, he completely redesigned Jack Academy’s initial blueprints so that they were more in-line with the limited abilities of local construction teams. He then rolled up his sleeves and worked side-by-side with the locals, further educating them along the way until construction was complete.

Thanks to a tremendous team effort, the Jack Academy facility includes a large, five-room school house with electricity, a latrine with plumbing, two small buildings for teachers, and a new well / water collection system.

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